Our Programs & Services

Purpose & Dedication

Helping Hands for Better Living CBAS has a variety of exceptional programs and services that you will receive daily! Our mission is to provide all CBAS program participants with a fantastic, awe-inspiring experience.

All hands come together with purpose and dedication. Learn more about our exceptional programs and value-added professional services below.

Helping Hands for Better Living
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Physical & Occupational Therapies

Gait training, transfer training, and ambulation safety skills are our specialty in physical therapy treatments! We also offer a variety of occupational treatment interventions specifically designed to address an individual's needs including:

  • Daily Activity Training
  • Self Feeding & Dressing
  • Self-care Training & Practice
  • Neuro-rehabilitation Programs
  • Speech, Language & Communication
  • Computer Skills
  • Individualized Attention
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Educational & Recreational Therapy

Recreational and educational therapeutic activities provide an opportunity for each program participant to develop good leisure skills, practice proper social etiquette and manners, and promote independence and self-direction. Designed by licensed staff and credentialed teachers, educational and recreational therapeutic activities include:

  • Music Programs
  • Art Projects
  • Sporting Activities
  • Social Gatherings
  • Bringing Community/Outdoor Experiences Inside
  • Reading & Literacy
  • Adaptive Device Training & Practice
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Nursing & Personal Care

Nursing and personal care is provided by staff registered and licensed staff. Program participants receive toilet training, personal grooming training and care, along with a variety of other specialized nursing services including:

  • G-Tube Feedings & Care
  • J-Tube Feedings & Care
  • Skin & Wound Care
  • Tracheostomy & Care
  • Medication Administration

Round-trip Transportation

No-cost dedicated and direct transportation to and from Helping Hands for Better Living is provided daily by Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) ACCESS.

Helping Hands for Better Living

Track your loved one's trip to and from our facility!

Helping Hands for Better Living

Daily Dietary Nutrition Program

Our nutrition program is collaboratively designed by our in-house registered dietitian, Lucy, and our professional kitchen staff.

Each program participant receives a hot, nutritious luncheon meal daily.
We take pride in our savory offerings and our kitchen staff aims to please every palate.

  • Monthly Menu
  • Meets 1/3 of Daily Nutritional Allowance
  • Special Diets Available
  • Menu Created by Registered Dietitian
  • On-site Chef and Kitchen Staff
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Social Work & Care Coordination

Helping Hands for Better Living strives to go above and beyond to enhance our clients' lives with meaningful and life-enriching experiences. The following professional services are included at no additional charge:

  • Psychological Consultant & Referrals
  • Customized & Individual Needs
  • Daily On-site Physician Consultations: including emergency assessments and immediate communication with primary care or specialist physicians
  • Social Worker and Case Management: Including assisting caregivers with wheelchair services, medical supply services, and applicable social services.