Activities & Events

Enriching & Interactive Programs

Activities Coordinator Mr. Mark and Social Worker Aide Mr. Otto host a daily fun and interactive live show where participants engage with their peers and connect with their caregivers.

Helping Hands for Better Living's Daily Activity Connect newsletter is custom created each day to offer participants and their caregivers enriching and entertaining educational information.

Daily Activity Connect Live @ 9 A.M.

Helping Hands for Better Living

Live Video Conferencing with Participants Daily

Members of the Helping Hands for Better Living community gather together daily in Google Meet to participate in a live video conference that features an overview of the Daily Activity Connect newsletter through enriching, educational, and entertaining activities!

Daily Live Activities Include:

  • Interactive Recap of Daily Newsletter
  • Music, Culture, History & Comedy

Open to enrolled participants.

  • Hands-on Therapeutic Activities
  • Birthday Celebrations & Socializing


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Daily Activity Connect Newsletter

Hot off the press!  Each day you can find the Helping Hands for Better Living Daily Connect Newsletter on this page for your enjoyment. 

Newsletter topics include:

  • Music Appreciation
  • Virtual Adventures
  • Historical Facts
  • Kindness Quotes
  • Available in Google Meet
  • Daily Funny
  • Celebrations & Socializing
  • Participant Engagement

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