Services Provided During COVID-19

Temporary Alternative Services During COVID-19

In response to mandatory statewide on-site CBAS closures,* we remotely provide a variety of nursing, social work, therapeutic activities, physical therapy, and telephonic programs through the Temporary Alternate Serices (TAS) Program During COVID-19.  Scroll down to learn more.

Services Provided During COVID-19

Our innovative and unique remote program meets and exceeds the requirements set by the California Department of Aging and allows participants to continue receiving much-needed services while remaining safely in place at home. 

Continued services include:

  • Daily Live Video Activities
  • Scheduled Occupational Therapy Through Telehealth Platforms
  • Wellness Checks, Social Work & Care Coordination
  • Nutritional Education, Assistance & Resources
  • Enrichment & Social Emotional Activities
  • Special Engagement Visits Utilizing Social Distancing Guidelines

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic Shelter in Place Orders that require the closure of on-site community-based adult service centers, we continue to provide enriching and educational services to participants. 

We are grateful that we can continue to connect with our community and provide the care and life enrichment activities that they are accustomed to.

Live Video Conferencing with Participants Daily

Members of the Helping Hands for Better Living community gather together daily in Google Meet to participate in a live video conference that features enriching, educational, and entertaining activities!

Activities Coordinator Mr. Mark and Social Worker Aide Mr. Otto host a fun and interactive live show where participants engage with their peers and connect with their caregivers. 

Programming correlates with the Daily Activity Connect Newsletter and live activities include:

  • Content Relates to the Daily Activity Connect Newsletter
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Music, Culture, History & Comedy
  • Hands-on Therapeutic Activities

Wellness & Sanitation Kits

Our staff of professionals carefully created Wellness Kits to provide participants access to sanitation resources to help ensure that they remain healthy while at home.

Wellness Kits are delivered directly to participants or picked up using social distancing protocols. Contact us for a kit (while supplies last).

Wellness Kits Include:

  • No Contact Infrared Thermometer
  • Washable Face Masks & Face Shields
  • Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant Spray

Our most recent drive-through kit distribution took place in July.  This was a great way for staff and participants to connect and engage.  More information on this event can be found here: Wellness Kit July Distribution

Food & Nutrition Supply Kits

Part of Helping Hands for Better Living's Temporary Alternate Services (TAS) Program includes food and nutritional support. Our staff carefully prepared Food and Nutrition Kits for distribution to select participants.

Kits are distributed through a drive-through pick-up line in the Helping Hands for Better Living parking lot using social distancing protocols.

Food & Nutrition Kits Include:

  • Grocery Gift Card to be Used at Ralph's or Food 4 Less
  • Food Preparation Guide for Choking Prevention
  • Measuring Cups & Spoons​
Helping Hands for Better Living

Happy Birthday Celebration Bundle

Many of life's precious moments deserve to be celebrated despite environmental and social restrictions. Participants in our CBAS Without Walls Temporary Alternate Services (TAS) program will not miss out on such moments during the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

Hand-delivered personalized Birthday Kits ensure that the joy of our program continues in their home and with loved ones despite the current situation.

Birthday Kits Include:

  • Birthday Hat, Balloons & Sticker
  • Personalized & Signed Birthday Card
  • Popcorn & Party Punch to Share
  • Novelty Bags

* The California Department of Developmental Services and Regional Center issued a Mandatory Temporary Closure of the CBAS "IN-PERSON / ON-SITE PROGRAM" in response to the COVID-19 Corona Virus "shelter in place” state orders.